About us

Unique Friend is a German Shephards Kennel (FCI), became as a result of passion to German Shephards breeding. Dogs in our home were always (and always very active dogs). Thanks to them, we develop all the time as a humans. We get to know new friends and acquaintances, we travel the world acquiring new skills and all the time we are in the good physical form, because living with the working German Shephards there is no other way…

Unique Friends – Kennel Nickname – isn’t accidental : every dog is different but everyone is this only unique and unique friend for his guide. However one should remember, that German Shephard  isn’t a dog for everyone. Especially a German Shephard from the working line.

Our kennel is a part of the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) which is a Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) member.